Welcome to My Class!

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Welcome to the second semester!

For virtual learners:  Lessons are in Canvas for every week.  Just click on your course, then on the current week.  You must do both the daily check ins and the assignments.  Grades are not given for check ins, they are for attendance purposes only.  You must do the check in to be counted as present, but you must do the assignments to pass.

For in person learners:  If you are present in class, you need not do the check ins online.  Assignments may vary slightly from virtual to in person, so please be consistent in your method.  If you are in person, do the work assigned in class.  If you are virtual, do what's listed on Canvas.  

No matter where you're doing your learning, please realize that if you are not turning in your work, you can not pass.  

My schedule is as follows:

1st Period- Environmental Systems
7:55- 8:40

2nd Period- AP Environmental
8:44- 9:29

3rd Period- Conference Period
9:33- 10:18

4th Period- Academic
10:22- 10:45

5th Period- AP Environmental
10:49- 11:34

A Lunch
11:34- 12:04

6th Period- Virtual Learning Period
12:08- 12:53

7th Period- Environmental Systems
12:57- 1:42

8th Period- AP Biology
1:46- 2:31

9th Period- Odyssey
2:35- 3:20 



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