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Coach Kuhn                                                                                                                               Room A-142

Economics Course Content 

Economics is a semester course which examines the basic kinds of economic systems with emphasis on the American capitalistic economic theory and its implementation and development.  The course includes the study of economics as a science, the principles of supply and demand, the principles guiding household economics, the economic organization of business, agriculture and labor: the national economy including a study of the tax system, inflation, recession, fiscal and monetary policies which effect national economic policies, and international economics, to include aid to developing economies and the impact of trade and finance on future economic stability.

Economics Grading: 

Daily Work 50%
Test 50%

We expect you to. . . 
. . . show up and be on time
. . . leave the room/ desks as you found them
. . . respect the rights and opinions of others
. . . keep the class clean ( no food/drinks or throwing things) 
. . . participate in class activities
. . . wait in your seat to be dismissed every day! 

         Student teacher conferences and parent conferences are upon request

Make-up Assignments: 
Make-up work is the students responsibility. 

Late Assignments: 
All work will be due on Friday for the week. Any missing work will be graded on my discretion.

Cell Phone Use: 
You will be assigned a number on my cell phone wall. Attendance will be taken daily from here. Once I am ready I will allow you to come pick your cell phones up. If I ask more than once for you to put it away it may end up back on the wall. 
Quizzes and Tests: 
Quizzes count as daily grades and Test /  Projects as Test grades. You will be required to retake any test till you receive a passing grade. This may take more than a couple of times but I do not allow failing grades on test. 

Bathroom Pass: 
E-Hall Pass will be required to go to the bathroom. You will also take my Potty Pass. 

School policy will hold true in this class. If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy. Even if it is one second after the bell rings, you are tardy. 

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