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It has been my privilege to live in Louisiana, Montana, Wyoming, Florida, Saudi Arabia, Missouri, Nevada, South Dakota, and now the Great State of Texas. I have visited most of the rest of the continental United States outside of the North East on vacations as well as: England, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. I started tutoring my brother, who was not passing his 4th grade math class, when I was 12. I started teaching during college when my brother was taking a programming course and needed to learn physics and then in Sunday School for 3rd and 4th graders. During my time as a Financial Consultant in Nevada I did a lot of teaching with my clients helping them to understand the world of mutual funds, investing, and preparing for retirement.

Here in Texas I am certified to teach 4-8 General(Core), 7-12 Math, 7-12 Science, and 7-12 Social Studies. I have taught 5th Grade Math, 6-8th Grade English, and Algebra I in summer school as well as 7th Grade Science, Physics (+Honors), Forensics, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra II (+Honors), IPC, Geometry, ACT/SAT Prep, and College Prep Math. 

If you need to contact me please utilize my school email: whitet@lisdtx.org

For the 23-24 school year daily schedule

Period 1st 7:55 – 8:40 AM Chemistry
Period 2nd 8:44 – 9:29 AM Chemistry
Period 3rd 9:33 – 10:18 AM Conference
Period 4th 10:22 – 11:07 AM Chemistry
Period 5th 11:11– 11:34 AM Academics
A Lunch – 11:34 to 12:04 PM
Period 6th – 12:08 to 12:53 PM Chemistry
Period 7th 12:57 – 1:42 PM Chemistry
Period 8th 1:46 – 2:31 PM Physics
Period 9th 2:35 – 3:20 PM Chemistry


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