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School.png Welcome

Welcome to Mrs. Brayton's English II website! Due to the current health crisis, this site, as well as Canvas, will become your best friends this year for English II. Be sure to check this site frequently. If you ever need anything at all, please feel free to message me on Canvas or send me an email.


download.png Contact


Throughout the year, the main form of communication will be through Canvas or email. 


Online Requirements 

If you are an asynchronous learner (virtual learner from home), please contact me anytime you have questions or need something. Virtual learners will need to log into Canvas each day and complete a daily warm-up, which will count as your "attendance" for that day for this class. In addition to the "attendance" warm-up question, you will need to see if there is a new assignment to be completed as well. 


clock.png Schedule

Period    Time    Course
1st    7:55-8:40    Honors English II
2nd    8:44-9:29    English II
3rd    9:33-10:18      Virtual Learning  Period
4th   10:22-10:45    Academic Period
5th   10:49-11:34    Conference Period
Lunch   11:34-12:04    A Lunch
6th   12:08-12:53    English II
7th   12:57-1:42    Honors English II
8th    1:46-2:31    Honors English II
9th   2:35-3:20    Honors English II

I will be available for tutorials Monday through Thursday after school from 3:20-3:50. 

Students can attend the tutorials of any teacher before or after school. Just make sure to plan ahead (communicate with me in advance, even if you are not attending my tutorial times). Additionally, 4th period will be used as an academic period so that students can be tutored, work on homework, or complete missing/failing assignments. 


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