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Because Honors (aka. Pre-AP) classes are weighted classes when it comes to students' GPAs, summer reading assignments are a requirement for all students in a Pre-AP/Honors English 2 class that must be completed by the first day of school. The instructions can be found on the Honors English II page of this teacher site (or you can click below). New students to the district or this Honors class will have until September 15th to read the novel, complete the summer assignment worksheet, and take a test.



Welcome to Mrs. Brayton's English II website! This is my 11th year teaching, all at Lampasas High doing English II. This site, as well as Canvas, will be your best friends this year for English II. Be sure to check this site frequently. If you ever need anything, please feel free to email me at braytona@lisdtx.org 


Sign up for Parent Canvas:

  • Have your student log into their Canvas account.
    • Go to Account
      • Settings
        • Pair with Observer and get a code
  • Download the parent app or go to lisd.instructure.com
    • Click find school and type in Lampasas
      • Find “Parent of Canvas User?” and create account
        • Fill out information and type in pairing code

ALL FINISHED! You are connected and can view your student’s Canvas.

Class Schedule:

Period Time Class
1st 7:55-8:40 Honors English II
2nd 8:44-9:29 Honors English II
3rd 9:33-10:18 Honors English II
4th 10:22-11:07 conference period
5th 11:11-11:34 academic period
lunch 11:38-12:04 A lunch
6th 12:08-12:53 Honors English II
7th 12:57-1:42 Honors English II
8th 1:46-2:31 Honors English II
9th 2:35-3:20 English II (on-level)


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