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Welcome to Honors (OnRamps) Chemistry, AP Chemistry and Physics.

Welcome to AP Chemistry, OnRamps Chemistry and General Physics.

My name is Carl Gehring and this is my eighth year teaching.

Prior to becoming a teacher I served in the US Army for 22 years as a Combat Engineer and retired in 2008.

I am married and we have four children, three sons and a daughter.

My schedule for this year is:

Period           Time                            Course

1                07:55-08:40                OnRamps: Honors Chemistry

2                08:40-09:29                  AP Chemistry

3                09:33-10:18                  Conference

4                10:22-10:45                  Academic

5                10:49-11:34                  Virtual Learning

6B             12:08-1253                  OnRamps: Honors Chemistry

7                12:57-1:42                     OnRamps: Honors Chemistry

8                 1:46-2:31                      Physics

9                 2:35-3:20                      OnRamps: Honors Chemistry

                                         6A Lunch

I am available for tutorials Monday through Thursday 0720-0750 and in the afternoons by appointment.

If you are a virtual learner I will be online in Canvas from 1050-1130 daily.

I am also available from 7 am to 6 pm daily to answer questions that you email to me at gehringc@lisdtx.org or through the Canvas inbox.


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