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Welcome to Mr. Case's English 1 and English 2 STAAR EOC Intervention Class! 

Description: This class is designed to help students reach passing standards, who have previously not met standards required to pass, or "approach grade level" on either the 8th grade STAAR Reading, or STAAR English I and/or English II EOCs. There will be a wide variety of platforms and media used to facilitate assignments and assessments, so you will need to be prepared to submit work both on paper and electronically. 


My Schedule: I only teach 1st-5th period, so I am generally only on campus from 7:40 through 11:40. My regular tutorial times are Academic Period (10:22-10:45) and before school from 7:40 to 7:55 Monday through Friday.  I can arrange to be on campus earlier, if you need to see me before 7:40, but I do not have any after school tutorial times. 


Classroom Expectations:

1. Bring your "A" game to class

2. Keep phones put away on silent or off.

3. Follow all class procedures

4. Follow all school student expectations


Lesson Plans / Daily Assignments: My weekly lesson plans will be posted below. If you are absent this is where you will find what work was assigned, and whether it was a paper or online assignment, and on which online platform you can find it.

1st Qrtr, Wk 1: Aug 12-13

Thursday, Aug. 12th:

1. 5 minute writing: What has personally been your greatest challenge in the last two years, and how did you meet it? (individual)

2. Creation of class period expectations for both students and teacher. (whole class together)

Friday, Aug. 13th:

1. 5 minute Writing: What is the most important thing I need to know about you, and why is it important?

2. Class brainstorm of student and teacher expectations 

1st Qrtr, Wk 2: Aug 16-20

Monday, Aug 16th: 

1. Warm up: Write two reasons supporting the appropriate writing prompt below

     9th grade:   Write an essay explaining why it is sometimes necessary to take a  chance.  

     10th-12th grade: Write an essay stating your position on which is more important:  what a person thinks or what a person does.

2. 2019 STAAR released reading portion

Tuesday, August 17th:

1. Warm up: Write a complete Thesis Statement for the appropriate writing prompt from Monday

2. Finish 2019 STAAR released reading portion

Wednesday, August 18th:

1. Warm up: Write an introductory paragraph using the thesis statement you used last week.

2. Start 2019 English I revising and editing portion

Thursday, August 19th:

1. Warm up:

2. Start 2019 English I revising and editing portion

Friday, August 20th 

1. Warm up:

2. Continue 2019 English I revising and editing portion



Daily supplies:

Charged Chromebook and charger


Thin spiral college rule notebook

Folder with pockets, thin three-ring binder, or dedicated section in large binder

Contact info: caseg@lisdtx.org, or  Canvas messaging

Students, if you email me, please cc a parent/guardian

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