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  English II,

  w/ Jenn Moore 






This year we will build upon skills learned last year while preparing for deeper literary studies next year. We will read a lot, write, research, speak, present, and listen in order to build critical thinking skills and learn to be more independent learners. Our goals are to feel confident in our efforts and abilities while taking responsibility for our own learning, growing our vocabulary, and possibly becoming more empathetic humans. WELCOME to our home page!

Students and parents may contact me any time at moorej@lisdtx.org. I will respond as soon as appropriately convenient. Please understand LISD is unable to send or receive emails from @yahoo and @aol accounts. All school work may be accessed through Canvas . Please be proactive about missed work when absent and check our lesson plans and Virtual Space in Canvas (linked to my home page).

Click below for a slideshow of expectations and general vibe of our classroom.



LESSON PLANS FOR ALL, click google doc link below.  These are updated regularly.  Students (or parents with their student's LISD email) may access course assignments and notes any time on Canvas! 


7:55-8:40              1st - English II

8:44-9:29              2nd - English II

9:33-10:18            3rd - English II         

10:22-10:45         4th - Academic Period

10:49-11:34         5th - Conference

11:34-12:04         "A"  LUNCH

12:08-12:53         6th - English II

12:57-1:42            7th - English II

1:46-2:31              8th - English II

2:35-3:20              9th - English II

Tutorials are M/W 7:30-7:50a and 3:25-4:00 T/Th, and Friday by appointment.  Students may attend tutorials by any English teacher, please let me know if that happens.



*functional writing utensil

*notebook or folder of your choice designated for English II

*loose paper for occasionally turned-in assignments

*charged Chromebook & charger

*book for SSR (sustained silent reading)



*highlighters any colors

*sticky notes/notecards 


RULES for YOUR success!

*keep cell phones put away

*be prepared for each class

*turn in work on time

*use your OWN brain (this is HUGE - all cheaters get zeros)

*be fully present

*get help when needed!  -- you may attend ANY English teacher’s tutorials or request to meet with me during Virtual Conference period if asynchronous!



Extra Credit is offered each 9 weeks, but you have to "be extra" to receive it.  Your gain is debatable, so be ready to advocate for your work the best that you can.  Extra credit opportunities are also posted on the classroom bulletin boards.  Available every 9 weeks, extra credit opportunities are posted on the classroom bulletin board and on Moore's HOME page on Canvas.

DUE 12/10

For the 2nd 9-week grading period, your extra credit requires that you stand on a desk in Moore's room and read Shakespeare's Sonnet #18 WITH PASSION as if you fully understand it.

**This is worth up to 5-10 points on ANY TEST this 9 weeks, or save it for a later 9 week period**



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